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India, Karnataka, Bengaluru | Added at 2018/08/12 02:32, Ad ID: 1625

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Year : 2017

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We sell wholesale mobile phones of all kind and Electronics in General. SHOP WITH US WITH AFFORDABLE PRICE TODAY We offers best online Service in both wholesale and retailing. We assure you 100% satisfaction and we provide Genuine Full Warranty, Delivery Guaranteed. Apple iPhone: Apple iphone x 64GB Apple iphone x 256GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Apple iphone 8 64GB Apple iphone 8 256GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Apple iPhone 7 256GB Apple iPhone 7 128GB Apple iPhone 7 32GB Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy Note III Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Galaxy A3 Samsung Galaxy A5 Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy C5 Samsung Galaxy C7 Samsung Galaxy J3 Samsung Galaxy J4 Samsung Galaxy J5 Samsung Galaxy J6 Samsung Galaxy J7 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Samsung Galaxy A6 Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+ Samsung Galaxy s9 Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus LG: LG Nexus 5 LGGX F310L LG Optimus L9 II LG G Pro Lite LG G2 LG G3 LG G4 LG G5 Sony Xperia: Sony Xperia Z Sony Xperia Z1 Sony Xperia Z2 Sony Xperia Z3 Sony Xperia Z4 Sony Xperia Z5 Sony Xperia Z Ultra Sony Xperia E1 Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Sony Xperia Z4 Compact Tablet Sony Xperia Z5 Premuim Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact - 64GB Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra H4233 Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Sony Xperia L2 - 32GB New Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact 32GB Sony Xperia XA1 Plus G3426 Blue 32GB Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact 64GB Motorola: Motorola Droid Ultra Android Motorola Moto G Motorola Moto G2 Motorola Moto G3 Motorola Moto G4 Motorola Moto G4 Plus Motorola RAZR i XT890 Motorola RAZR D3 XT919 HTC: HTC ONE E8 HTC ONE M7 HTC ONE M8 HTC ONE M9 HTC ONE M9 Plus Htc One M10 HTC One Dual Sim NOKIA: New Nokia 8 Sirocco Single-SIM 128GB cost 700 € Nokia 7 Plus Hybrid Slot LTE 15.2cm HUAWEI: Huawei p20 pro Huawei p20 Lite Huawei Honors 7s Huawei Honor 10 Huawei Honor 7A Huawei Honor Play Huawei Y7 Pro Huawei Y7 Prime Huawei Y3 Huawei Y6 Huawei Y7 Huawei Honor 7C Huawei Honor 9i Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design CAT: CAT S31 4G/LTE, 4000mAh, IP68) CAT S41 5inch 4G 3GB 32GB CATERPILLAR CAT S61 4G 64GB CAT S60 - 4G 3 GB RAM 32GB CAT S30 64GB 8 GB 1 GB RAM CAT S40 64GB and 16GB 1 GB RAM Cat B30 IP67 Rugged, Dust and Waterproof Caterpillar 32GB CAT S60 Waterproof We sell wholesale products and variety of brand new electronics product such as, (Laptop, Mobile Phones, Ipad, TV, Camera, Games Console, Musical Instruments, Computer, MSI GeForce, Cisco switch, Antminer, Baby stroller and many more). Express Shipping Delivery Worldwide - 2 DAY To place your order, kindly send all orders to our email or skype. E: mail: vtechelectronicseurop77@gmail.com Skype: d.williams012


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