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Aarvee Laboratory Chemicals Company Ltd:leads in SSD automatic chemical solution for cleaning black money and any color of defaced currency is available in our laboratory worldwide. Our S.S.D Automatic solution is also used in the cleaning of stained bank notes with anti breeze quality, bills like USD, euro, pounds and other local currency. We are direct manufacturer and main supplier of all kinds of chemicals which include SSD Solution , Super Automatic Solution , Vectrol Paste and Tebi-Manetic Solution vectoral paste, super auto and magnetic solution…etc With full recognition from the Worldwide Chamber of Commerce. We stands as a reliable supplier with reputable references for over 15 years into international trade. we have different types of chemicals that can perfectly clean out your Deface note, Black note , Red notes , Green notes ,Stained notes ,Stamped notes and also coded notes We also melt frozen chemicals in our laboratory and our services are professional We thus Provide legal document for all our product because we are directly having the AUTHORITATIVE SEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES TREASURY IN CALIFORNIA AND WASHINGTON DC. Contact our Protocol Officer (DR santos william +918588029113 for good services. Email:drsantoswilliam@gmail.com Mobile:+918588029113 Address:Cash Pharmacy Building, Corner St. Mark's Road & Residency Road Bangalore. Name: (DR Santos William Aarvee Laboratory Chemicals Company Ltd